RFZ25L seriers de subsidio valvae


RFZ25L series of relief valve is a satety device used in medium and low pressure regulator station for gas.The device automatically spread rapidly to keep the pressure in a certain range,so that the pressure will not be over a predetermined alarm valve and caused any anomalies in the system. TECHNICAL DATA Inlet pressure P1max.6 bar Relief pressure setting range RFZ25L-X:10-100mbar RFZ25L-H:0.1-6bar Operating temprature -20℃-60℃ Connection size RP1″(right angle connection) Weight R...

  • MALITIA Price: US $ 0.5 - 9,999 / Motet;
  • Min.Order Price: C Song / Mass
  • Facultates copiam: (X) Song / mense per fragmina
  • Portus: Shenzhen
  • Payment Terms: L / C, D / A, D / P, T / T
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    RFZ25L seriem fabrica subsidio valvae est satety in medium et humilis pressura statione ut ordinator gas.The fabrica statim ut currat impressionem in quadam range, et eloquentia mea non sit in formis antecedenter statutis per aliqua causa et argumentis terror valvae in systematis.


    secessu longo pressura bar P1max.6
    Subsidio pressura range occasum X-RFZ25L: 10-100mbar

    RFZ25L-H: 0.1-6bar

    Operating Temprature -20 ℃ -60 ℃
    magnitudine Connection RP1 "(rectus connexionem)
    pondus X-RFZ25L: 1kg

    RFZ25L-H: 1.2kg

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